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SEOCan You Make Google Work For You?

Search Engine Optimization Is Complex

Think of SEO as a long-term competition on a playing field that keeps on shifting.  We don’t all start at the same line either.  Google is changing the target, though some classic SEO tactics have remained relevant.   Staying current is necessary. Community consensus strategies from days past may have a negative effect on your search engine optimization today.

Every business is in its own unique ecosystem.

Example.  Are you a local store that’s trying to draw more people into your store?  The tactics used for your situation will differ from an online consulting firm whose aim is to get the phone ringing.  Maybe you’re a hotel struggling to fill last-minute vacancies, or a Fortune 500 that wants a boost in brand awareness.  It’s crucial to treat every client as they are, a unique organization with a special collection of circumstances.

Thorough analysis will set up an organic SEO campaign for success.

We use cutting edge tools and years of experience to go deep into the data.  We then share it with you in a digestible form and discuss the strategies that may work for your business.  We use redundancy in tracking wherever possible, and layer multiple data sets to get the most complete picture.

Conversion tracking is an often over looked component.  Measuring every click, scroll, pause, action and conversion on your website will help us drive quality traffic.  Optimizing for conversions is the extra step that many SEO campaigns lack.

SEO is all about the competition, and your relation to them.

Analyzing your competitor’s SEO is as essential as an internal audit.  Understanding the relationship between you and your competitors on Google will help set reasonable goals.  It will guide the strategy and tactics of your SEO plan.  We look to leverage the strengths we find in the data and set an order of operations to improve low quality issues.

Are you a new website and jumping into a competitive space?  An established brand that is losing Google traffic or leaving clicks on the table?  Have you used SEO services in the past and not received the returns you were expecting?  Tell us your experience and perhaps we can share ours.

We haven’t “seen it all”, but we might be getting close.

SEO is an amazing thing when it’s working.  It’s even better when our clients are aware of the “why”.  We’re transparent, thorough, and believe communication is the cornerstone to achieving your organic search engine goals.  Get your SEO Audit today and see our recommendations on how to improve your SEO.

On Page SEO

We analyze and optimize dozens of elements in your content to send important signals to Google.

Off Page SEO

Let Google know that your brand is an authority in your space by building high quality backlinks to your site.

Technical SEO

The nitty-gritty.  Sitemaps, robots.txt, .htaccess, indexing issues, crawls errors, behind the scenes optimizations.

Local SEO

Local SEO has it’s own playbook and ranking factors.  It also has different search appearance opportunities. 

Site Audits

This is an ongoing process.  Maintenance, monitoring, and making adjustments in direction are continuous. 

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Supercharge Your Targeting

Search Engine Optimization takes time. It is absolutely a long term project!  With search engine marketing (SEM) you get immediate traffic, boost sales and get leads while your SEO improves. Use video, display, shopping, retargeting and Google search ads to get the right message in front of the right person, at the right time.

The ability to create very specific targeting with SEM is exciting.! Every year Google improves their platform and give us new features and ways to reach potential customers.  We typically will recommend some level of PPC in addition to an SEO campaign.

At a minimum you’ll want to retarget users that have visited your site.  This is a low cost strategy to keep your brand front of mind while they make their decision.  Running paid search ads gives us critical keyword performance data that we can’t get elsewhere.  We can then used this data to enhance the organic SEO strategy.

PPCInstant data and results

How To Succeed With PPC

While organic traffic (Google search) typically yields a higher conversion rate than other mediums, it still has some limitations.  Data being one of them.  Google will not provide us with data related to keywords used to find our sites!  If you want to find exactly how specific keywords perform, you’ll have to run paid search ads.

What about all of the potential customers out there who aren’t even looking for you yet?  Display advertising allows you to reach these audiences.  You also want to bring people back, so use retargeting to keep your brand front and center as they continue the buyer’s journey.

Here’s what a properly deployed SEM campaign looks like:

Google Ads Conversion Funnel

A great benefit of running PPC is that you get instant traffic and conversions while your SEO agency is working on the organic side of things.  Google looks at user behavior on your website to help determine rankings.  By running paid search campaigns you’ll start sending positive traffic signals to Google telling them that you have quality content.

Have a look at our pay-per-click services, and learn how you will benefit by adding them to your marketing mix.  Already running campaigns and need them optimized?  Contact us today to discuss optimizing your current strategy.

Search Ads

Show up at the top of Google for keywords relevant to your website.

Display Ads

Place banner ads on thousand of websites hyper-targeted to your ideal customer.

Video Ads

Create compelling short videos and reach customer where they watch video content.


Advertise directly to users who have already visited your site.   They’ve already expressed interest, keep your brand front of mind.

Shopping Ads

Hit the top of Google search with image ads of each of your specific products.

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How Are People Using Search

of online experiences begin with a search engine.

of searches made on desktops are done via Google.

of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.

are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

of smartphone users use search engines at least once a day.

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DesignPowered By WordPress

Online Success Starts Here

A great looking site design will put your best foot forward for your visitors.  We know that Google tracks users behavior and use these signals in their ranking algorithm.  Having a mobile first design and providing a quality user experience will benefit the customer, Google, and you!

The power of a website over other mediums is that it allows you to track data  at a granular level.  Use this data to drive marketing approaches and improve your user experience!  

More than just good looks

Built-in SEO

Websites should engage the users as well as the search engines.  A properly built, optimized site will improve SEO and make it easier for your customers find what they are looking for  Make it easy for your users to convert! 

We use an open source platform called WordPress that gives flexibility, SEO, and performance without sacrificing great design.  Over 30% of all websites today are built on WordPress.  Brands like Sony, Walt Disney and MTV rely on the platform to maintain their online presence. 

WordPress is structured with SEO at it’s core.  It takes skill however to balance aesthetics, speed and functionality.  We build lightweight, pixel perfect, converting machines.

Working in a live WordPress environment is extremely intuitive.  We can provide you with the training and framework to make your own updates, should you want to roll up your sleeves and adjust your own content.

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We are a small, agile, and responsive SEO Agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We have over 10 years of experience in SEO, search engine marketing, and web design.  

Our mission is simple:  Draw qualified traffic to well designed websites and  and convert that traffic into customers for you.

Every client is different, and we utilize a wide range of tactics best suited to helping you achieve your goals within your operating budget.  Reach out today for a consultation and let’s start the conversation!




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